Jean Claude Wolff



© G. Bompais

Works, duos

Duo (1990) for harps. 8' Unpublished.
Premiere january 28, 2011 at the Grand Théâtre de Nîmes, by Henry Vaudé, flutes, Nicolas Stimbre, clarinets, with the Nimes' CRD electroacoustic department.

Suite for violon and piano (1993). 14'

Trois solitudes (1993) for cello and piano. 12'
Premiere : November 28, 1995. Festival " 38emes Rugissants" (Grenoble), by Philippe Badin, cello, and Emmanuel Guiguand, piano. Editions Notissimo.

Symphonie n° 8 (1997) for flute, clarinet and tape. 20'

Sonatine (1999) for oboe and piano. 8'
Editions Musicare, conservatoire de Nimes.

Invocations (2000) for trumpet and piano. 7'
Editions Musicare, conservatoire de Nimes.

Fantasiestücke (2000) for violon and piano (second version of the "Suite for violon and piano"). 14'

Petites musiques nocturnes (2001) for violon and cello. 10'

Quatre pieces faciles (2002) for flute and percussion instruments. 7'
Premiere : March 15, 2003, at the "Pandit temple" (Nimes) by the ensemble "Opus 30". Editions Croquenotes.

Quatre danses de souvenir (2002) for flute and piano. 9'
Premiere : December 6, 2002, "Cite de la musique", auditorium (Marseille) by Jean-Louis Beaumadier, flute , and Jacques Raynaut, piano. Unpublished.

"Fragment d'exil", (2010),
for cello and piano; 9''; Premiere March 25, 2011 at the Château d'Annecy, "Printemps Musical d'Annecy" Festival opening concert, by Florian Lauridon, cello, and Fuminori Tanada, piano; Unpublished

"Le vertige du funambule" , (2010),
for two piccolos; 6'; Unpublished

"Chemins criés", (2016)
for bass clarinet and piano; 8 minutes; Unpublished;